Enhancing the human experience through design.

Crafting solutions at the human level is integral to my approach to user experience design, architectural design, computational design, and data visualization. Ultimately, I research, design, make and test through an iterative process at the scale of products, spaces and/or urban environments. Currently searching for job opportunities to begin in Summer 2020. I recently graduated with a Master of Architecture & Master of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.

Can data-derived synthetic stories describing the lives of a place's inhabitants from their own perspective generate empathy for them?
Prototyping, Computational Design, Data Visualization, Product Design
Can we streamline the importing urban spatial data into a generative design pipeline? Can we estimate pedestrian activity using available data?
Computational Design
How can we limit the volume of waste that reaches the landfill & generate employment opportunities for women?
Architectural Design, Research
Are decentralized production and distribution models the system of the future?
Architectural Design, Research
What happens when the design process is guided by research into possible users?
Mapping, Architectural Design
Which New Yorkers have access to its Citi Bike network? Is access equitable?
Mapping, Analysis
Can a machine learning model be trained to predict urban sprawl?
Machine Learning
Can architecture generate a more tangible relationship between people and water?
Architectural Design
How can we study the relationship between precolonial Africa and the world through the people themselves?
Mapping, Research
How can a housing development maintain traces of existing social, urban and environmental site conditions?
Architectural Design
How can a space's configuration respond to the passage of time?
Architectural Design
Can we automate a space that hovers between states of exposure and enclosure?
Generative Design
How do Airbnb's active users talk about neighborhoods?
Data Visualization
What makes a neighborhood tick for its college student population?
Data Visualization
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