Relevant Professional Experience
Computational Designer (UX Engineer)
Remote.  April 2022 - Present

Implement and document new features in the product, such as solar panel placement on existing buildings and parking lots for Solar Studies, and on new-builds for other Delve study types.
Provide domain expertise and knowledge in urban, design, planning and real estate development.
Implement workflow and user-facing improvements to the product.

Led the design of custom urban development projects by applying Delve to solve customer needs and configuring the tool as needed for project requirements on an engagement model, with 1 resulting in a marketing case study. 
Owned the team's internal pipeline tracking, and became the point person across squads for identifying active pipelines, owners and candidates for deprecation.
Worked closely with internal team members to present 3 self-service webinars, developing and rehearsing context with cross-functional partners in Sales and Marketing.
Documented work, analyzed results and communicated and presented insights to customer stakeholders and leadership.
Computational Designer
Intelligent City,
Vancouver, Canada.  December 2020 - March 2022

Automated grid and building generation methods adaptable with the Intelligent City system by designing and implementing multiple strategies and workflows for both residential and commercial design methodologies.
Created and implemented a data extraction workflow for building and project level data from buildings at both early and late stages of the design process.
Conceptualized, designed and automated an interactive dashboard synthesizing relevant project information, visuals and data for presentation to clients and other relevant parties.​​​​​​​
Researcher & Elections Intern, Data. 
New York, NY.  October - December 2020

Researched, collated and verified data on hundreds of In Person Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Polling Place locations and times from local election authorities across the United States for the 2020 General Election. This data powered accurate BallotReady Make A Plan To Vote and API data for millions of voters.
Conducted quality assurance testing on candidate profiles to ensure accuracy of electoral information for BallotReady's Voter Guide. 
Analyzed and visualized BallotReady electoral data on voting trends, state priority issues and voting options for the 2018 Midterm Elections and 2020 General Elections for data reporting, social media and other marketing purposes. These were included in "What are candidates talking about this year?",  "What's on the Ballot?"  and "Today is the day. But what happens next?" blogposts.
Computational Design Summer Associate, Generative Design
Sidewalk Labs,
New York, NY.  June - August 2020

Researched use cases, users and data sources to identify areas of expansion of the existing generative design tool
Created mechanisms to automate ingesting, cleaning and processing of input spatial data into a generative design pipeline. 
Created prototypes and develop strategies for analyzing and visualizing information from multiple data sources.
Architectural Intern
Platt Byard Dovell White Architects,
New York, NY. May - August 2018
Coordinated lighting fixtures in construction drawings for a theater restoration project.
Produced presentation drawings and renderings for RFPs, ongoing projects, proposal options, and post-completion drawings.
Prepared portfolio pages for inclusion in the firm’s marketing materials and RFPs as well as presentation packages for office-wide meetings.
Organized, cataloged and cleaned the firm’s detail drawing collection.
Researched historical and architectural context for a renovation project. 
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York, NY.
Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Spatial ResearchSeptember 2019 - Present
Gathered primary and secondary material as well as synthesized findings for a research project being conducted by the Center for Spatial Research.
Served as a teaching assistant for "Data Visualization for Architecture, Urbanism and the Humanities." This entailed troubleshooting students' d3 and general visualization questions during office hours and over email.
GIS Student Coordinator. September 2017 - May 2018 & September 2018 - May 2019
Developed and administered workshops on 2D and 3D mapping techniques for architects and urban designers.
Managed and collected data for GIS storage space.
Developed online GIS tutorials and assisted faculty with research.  
Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Spatial Research. June - August 2017
Tested hypothesis on linguistic phenomena through mapping social indicators.
Designed, prototyped and developed a data visualization project titled “Beyond the Enclave: Language Diversity in Queens” using qualitative and quantitative methods.
Urban Analytics Assistant, Urban Planning program. January - May 2017
Provided technical and administrative support to professors in the Urban Analytics concentration.
Researched social data on cities.
Conducted tutorials on design programs and troubleshooted AutoCAD, SketchUp and Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects and InDesign with students. 
Barnard + Columbia Architecture, Barnard College, New York, NY.
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Architectural Design and Visual Culture. January - May 2016
Guided, provided support, and introduced non-majors to the process of architectural design.
Critiqued students on concepts and representation of design projects.
Visual: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects
Programming: C#, Python, Javascript (d3), HTML/CSS, Grasshopper
Interaction: Figma, Invision, Adobe XD, Miro
Modeling: Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup
Mapping / Data Visualization: ArcGIS, qGIS, Power BI
Microsoft Office / Google Suite
Fabrication: Lasercutting, Foamcutting, CNC milling
Master of Architecture | Master of Science in Urban Planning 
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York, NY. 
May 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, NY.
Honors: Josephine Paddock Fellowship
May 2016
Other Experience
Data Visualization & Graphic Design Contractor
Elicit Consulting,
New York, NY.  September - October 2020

Analyzed and visualized data, including results of a survey with 102 participants and data from other sources, and designed graphics and synthesized content for a report addressing COVID-19's impact on New York State's hospitality sector.
Researcher, “Living in America: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harlem, and Modern Housing” 
Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture,
New York, NY. October 2016 - May 2017
Gathered primary and secondary legislative material on housing in America. 
Assisted in writing captions for a Fall 2017 exhibition titled “Living in America: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harlem, and Modern Housing.” Contributed to the production and conception of the exhibition. 
Architectural Intern
Marble Fairbanks Architects,
Brooklyn, NY. June - July 2016
Prepared portfolio pages for a competition entry for the Women’s Library.
Worked on renderings for a Design Development package for the Greenpoint library in Queens.
Revamped firm’s website and spearheaded a social media and outreach strategy. 
Model Shop Intern 
Robert A. M. Stern Architects,
New York, NY. June - August 2015
Built study and presentation models for architectural projects such as master plans, residential towers and houses.
Archived models for on-site and off-site storage.
Attended meetings with the architectural team and partners to observe the design process.
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