This ethnographic mapping project explores how (West) Africans interacted with the world from an African perspective using data gleaned from autobiographical and biographical accounts. Numbering 154 pages, the book presents the journeys undertaken by four men from what is now northern Nigeria on three scales. It presents an overall view of travel, zooms into specific journeys and trajectories, and finally, zooms into principal points along this journey. The final layer incorporates the personal experiences of the subjects by including direct quotes describing their journeys and destinations.
The project looked at who these individuals were and traced their life stories through maps as much as was possible. In addition to tracing out their life trajectories as documented in the books by/about these men, there is a reproduction of the accounts of their lives in each of the places lived and/or visited. Inclusion of the time frame for these peoples' existence in these different places adds further context to their lives.
The project maps out both local and global narratives with excerpts of the original text, as well as the stage of their lives in which they embarked on these journeys.
Final step
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